Practicing Positive Affirmations!

Unleashing the Power withing you!

Grinning February Readers!

I hope all of you there are doing well and are feeding yourself with a pinch of more positivity, inspiration, hope, love and happiness!

The Season of Spring is almost here, soon you will see the Nature rejoicing itself & gaining life again with the gradient colors of rainbow – So do make sure that you let yourself bloom to your potential! When spring arrives, plants get enough water, light, warmth, soil or compost to grow equally.

With every season transition, there is a gradual change in Human lives too!

According to Feng-Shui – Spring Equinox: March 20, begins the season of ‘Chen’ relating to family, new birth and beginning. I believe this Spring, we can gain even more profit – if we focus on GHN for ourselves & all the people we work, live and play with too.

Now What is GHN?

I believe BHUTAN has done it right. In the 1970’s, their 4th King mandated the state to create an environment for all citizens to pursue their ultimate goals, happiness, and declared that instead of focusing on Gross National Profit – Focus on Gross National Happiness.

Happiness can’t be defined, but even it’s a Choice! When you choose to feed yourself with a pinch of positivity & here is it when, practicing Happy Affirmations plays an Important role.

Self-Help books often promote the power of Positive Affirmations. We have all heard about them but if you never practiced them then this idea is going to be incredibly awkward.

Now let us understand this with one of my favorite factors help – WWW!

Whatever you do or Whenever you start learning new things, then you should make sure that WHEN AND WHY FACTOR are crystal clear in your mind, Because as per Human Psychology, When you know – Why you are doing this, then your mind will find it more easy to understand the factor of WHAT?

We humans are hustlers! Working day and night to fulfil one’s dreams & in case, anything just goes out of the way, We keep our doors open for Anxiety to seek in and let it crown itself to rule our mind to pave the path towards negative direction and letting the courage disappear!

It kind of sucks, when instead of yourself, anxiety takes over your mood & life. Just to come over from this anxiety disorders, positive affirmation works like ‘SANJEEVANI’.

Positive affirmation helps in reprograming our subconscious mind – Resetting it to the factory state helps us to encourage and motivate us to be the better version of our help.

  • The Struggling days, when we tend to engage in self-defeating behavior which may cause us heavy negative outcomes. With the help of positive affirmations, we pour our mind with positive attitude and it helps to run our life smoothly.
  • Positive Affirmations gives us a different view of ourselves as being positive. It increases our Adaptability Quotient (AQ) which helps us to adapt adverse situations in a better way.
  • It helps you in maintaining self-integrity, by acting in ways that authentically merit acknowledgment and praise.

Here self-integrity relates to our global self-efficacy-our perceived ability to control moral outcomes and respond flexibly in times, our self-concept is threatened. So, we humans are motivated to protect ourselves from these threats by maintaining our self-integrity.

Till Now, you have gotten answers to the Why and When factors. So, it would be easy for us to now understand, the What factor!

Positive Affirmations are the training equipment which helps us to challenge negative & unhelpful thoughts. The purpose of using them, may vary from person to person. The goal behind is to be happy and regaining the Crown of King which in general means to retake the control of your moods and of your life!

I know, it may sound funny that how can such affirmations work and impact our minds this much: for this I took some time to research and practice this by my own and I honestly feel the changes in my mindset.

Here for your reference, I am sharing some scientific results regarding usage of positive affirmations.

No, these affirmations have NO Magic, but it has science behind. It requires regular practice – there are no such specific rules regarding the timing or the frequency.

According to psychotherapist Ronald Alexander of the Open Mind Institute, affirmations can be repeated up to three to five times daily to reinforce the positive belief. He suggested, writing your affirmations down in a journal and practicing them in the mirror is a good method for making them more powerful and effective.

  • helps in anxiety and depression
  • boosts one’s self-esteem
  • helps in having soulful sleep
  • helps in decreasing health-deteriorating stress
  •  Improve our overall quality of life
  • optimistic people have healthier hearts, and affirmations help you to stay positive.

  • I am a very happy content person.
  • I believe in myself
  • I will not worry about the things that I can’t control.
  • I am superior to negative thoughts and low actions.
  •  I am courageous and I stand up for myself.
  •  My future is an ideal projection of what I envision now.

Before resting my pen, I would like to say that Hope this helps you to unleash the power within yourself. Please make sure and be kind to yourself by practicing these positive Affirmations. In no time, you will find yourself cultivating this habit and start observing incredible changes in your lifestyle!

Signing off – Loads of wishes coming along! Prosper from within!

ShRuti GilRa | Author | YouerThanYou

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