Life is so Unpredictable

You can’t even imagine what’s hidden in the next moment of the day. You are not the same person, your thoughts are not same anymore in the next minute because every single second you are growing, learning, becoming strong and introducing yourself to a better version of you. You can plan a lot of things about future, yo can count so many people in the list of your close ones but you never know you will be alive at that moment or not.

You can cry and feel numb most of the time in your day but who knows your emptiness will change in happiness, the next moment.

Universe plays magic each and every second of the day, your plan may not execute in the same way, you thought but who knows that unsuccessful plan will bring you closer to more amazing ideas and moment.

Believe in the universe and be positive, you can give your 100% that is what in your hand and rest of work will automatically in your favour.

Universe will definitely play its role.

-Shruti Gilra |

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