Life is so Unpredictable

You can’t even imagine what’s hidden in the next moment of the day. You are not the same person, your thoughts are not same anymore in the next minute because every single second you are growing, learning, becoming strong and introducing yourself to a better version of you. You can plan a lot of thingsContinue reading “Life is so Unpredictable”

हर दिन कुछ नया सिखाता है!

हर दिन कुछ नया सिखाता है,ज़िन्दगी जीने का एक अलग हुनर सिखाता है! राह भटके हुए को मंजिल से मिलाता है,रोते हुए को हंसना सिखाता है! हज़ारों की भीड़ में अपनो की पहचान कराता है,भिखरे हुए सपनो को संवारना सिखाता है! हर दिन कुछ नया सिखाता है! -Shruti Gilra |

I wish I could Keep You!

I wish I could keep you,Just likeThe sun has light, moon shines BrightSea holds wave, darkness in cavea child in mother’s lapA coin’s sides without a gapI wish I could keep you by my sideTill the end of my lifeWithout any fear, happiness in tearPerfume’s fragrance, your love’s warmnessThe way you care, I found itContinue reading “I wish I could Keep You!”

This Quarantine Time

Amazing Ways to spend your Quarantine Days How are you spending your quarantine days? One of the most frequently asked questions & sadly majority of people are quite baffled and confused. Because we have never been like this before. So here I’m presenting some ideas, which can help you make these days more interesting! #Step1Continue reading “This Quarantine Time”

Practicing Positive Affirmations!

Grinning February Readers! I hope all of you there are doing well and are feeding yourself with a pinch of more positivity, inspiration, hope, love and happiness! The Season of Spring is almost here, soon you will see the Nature rejoicing itself & gaining life again with the gradient colors of rainbow – So doContinue reading “Practicing Positive Affirmations!”


Hola My Fellow Readers 2020! This Decade is special & I really wish that all of you there are booming and are following your #NewYearResolutions with as much enthusiasm as you made them on 31st Dec 2019! I hope you achieve them all, touch the skies of your Target along with a lot of sparklingContinue reading “Find Your PURPOSE of LIFE”

OUR Mental SOUNDNESS Matters!

Hola My Readers! let me ask you a question in the very beginning…? How many of you, Go to Gyms for workouts, or yeah! Ladies going to Beauty Parlors! Coming back with n number of touch-ups!! And in boys focusing all on their muscles! Why do we all these? Yeah! I Know what your answerContinue reading “OUR Mental SOUNDNESS Matters!”

Seventh Heaven

Hola My Readers!This is My first blog and as I am writing this gives me Seventh Heaven of Happiness, so I decided why not let’s start with the most Amazing-Blissful! still most Questioned-Googled. Important still the Most Ignored Aspect!Your, Mine and Our Real Happiness! Unfortunately, We are a part of generation, Where we desire everything,Continue reading “Seventh Heaven”