Life is so Unpredictable

You can’t even imagine what’s hidden in the next moment of the day. You are not the same person, your thoughts are not same anymore in the next minute because every single second you are growing, learning, becoming strong and introducing yourself to a better version of you. You can plan a lot of things about future, yo can count so many people in the list of your close ones but you never know you will be alive at that moment or not.

You can cry and feel numb most of the time in your day but who knows your emptiness will change in happiness, the next moment.

Universe plays magic each and every second of the day, your plan may not execute in the same way, you thought but who knows that unsuccessful plan will bring you closer to more amazing ideas and moment.

Believe in the universe and be positive, you can give your 100% that is what in your hand and rest of work will automatically in your favour.

Universe will definitely play its role.

-Shruti Gilra |

हर दिन कुछ नया सिखाता है!

हर दिन कुछ नया सिखाता है,
ज़िन्दगी जीने का एक अलग हुनर सिखाता है!

राह भटके हुए को मंजिल से मिलाता है,
रोते हुए को हंसना सिखाता है!

हज़ारों की भीड़ में अपनो की पहचान कराता है,
भिखरे हुए सपनो को संवारना सिखाता है!

हर दिन कुछ नया सिखाता है!

-Shruti Gilra |

I wish I could Keep You!

I wish I could keep you,
Just like
The sun has light, moon shines Bright
Sea holds wave, darkness in cave
a child in mother’s lap
A coin’s sides without a gap
I wish I could keep you by my side
Till the end of my life
Without any fear, happiness in tear
Perfume’s fragrance, your love’s warmness
The way you care, I found it so rare
I’m realizing this late, hope in my fate
I wish I could keep you by my side
Till the end of my life.

Shruti Gilra |

This Quarantine Time

Amazing Ways to spend your Quarantine Days

How are you spending your quarantine days?

One of the most frequently asked questions & sadly majority of people are quite baffled and confused. Because we have never been like this before. So here I’m presenting some ideas, which can help you make these days more interesting!


“A family that spends time together, stays together!”

A family should always come first, but in this jog of our everyday routine, it sculpts our life into much hectic one that impacts our social relations. This is the perfect time when you can devote enough time with your family and rejuvenate your relations with a renewed vigour because I discovered somewhere, Values and lessons which you receive from your family members, you will never get them from any books or anyone else!


“Everything you will ever desire for is within you.”

During this course of quarantine days, when continuing to wander outside is ruinous, then why don’t we use this chance to peek inside our body. Raise your willpower, stream some positive zeal to your body.


‘A Reader in life will grow into a Leader one day’

Reading is a constructive activity – it stimulates our mind to improve the concentration and fuel positive eagerness to our brain. As per resources, “Reading helps people’s Brain process knowledge, and it advances every aspect of a person’s conversation skill like vocab expansion, memory enhancement, and richer literature skills.”


“Music and podcasts are a higher revelation than all wisdom and ideology”

Tuning in to great music and podcast will not only soothe your ears but it will also impact your mind for a longer time, and this makes a man happier, smarter and aids the energy of people for influencing and motivation. Discovering the best podcast has been found to complement Intellectual development because as per human psychology our brain seizes the elements which we either hear from people or via music.


  • Gain new skills:

Don’t be uneasy to be a neophyte, instead have the will to work on yourself and devote yourself to being better every sole day. We all need to polish our expertise and experiences. So, utilize these days on your individuality development.

  • Try your skill in cooking:

“Good meal equals good Mood”

We have all listened and admitted this, that the fear of Covid-19 stops us to dine from outside. So, try your favourite recipe at home along with secret ingredients of your love, prayers, and concern and prepare it to be more tempting and delicious. The delight peace of mind which you will experience when you cook your food is beyond any experiment. It will flash up your spirits for sure.

  • Do Karaoke:

Don’t wait to go outside for a karaoke session. Be your own partner and sing as loud as you can. It will make you joyful within, and every lyric during the karaoke stage delivers you at the height of new dynamism and craziness.


To get the finest outcomes, we should take one step at a time, but if we keep in mind the full process of our steps, then the progress will become more efficient and exciting.

So, work out the steps towards your dream and let your every dream come true.

Sharing some of the very impressive and compelling ways to spend your quarantine days in the most gratifying manner. I hope you get some ideas about how you will spend your days. Wrapping my thoughts with this remembrance,

“Eat Properly, Sleep Well and Be Productive enough”

Because it will take some days to start a new habit, so make sure you use these days as in the best way possible.

#StayHome #StaySafe.

Shruti Gilra |

Practicing Positive Affirmations!

Unleashing the Power withing you!

Grinning February Readers!

I hope all of you there are doing well and are feeding yourself with a pinch of more positivity, inspiration, hope, love and happiness!

The Season of Spring is almost here, soon you will see the Nature rejoicing itself & gaining life again with the gradient colors of rainbow – So do make sure that you let yourself bloom to your potential! When spring arrives, plants get enough water, light, warmth, soil or compost to grow equally.

With every season transition, there is a gradual change in Human lives too!

According to Feng-Shui – Spring Equinox: March 20, begins the season of ‘Chen’ relating to family, new birth and beginning. I believe this Spring, we can gain even more profit – if we focus on GHN for ourselves & all the people we work, live and play with too.

Now What is GHN?

I believe BHUTAN has done it right. In the 1970’s, their 4th King mandated the state to create an environment for all citizens to pursue their ultimate goals, happiness, and declared that instead of focusing on Gross National Profit – Focus on Gross National Happiness.

Happiness can’t be defined, but even it’s a Choice! When you choose to feed yourself with a pinch of positivity & here is it when, practicing Happy Affirmations plays an Important role.

Self-Help books often promote the power of Positive Affirmations. We have all heard about them but if you never practiced them then this idea is going to be incredibly awkward.

Now let us understand this with one of my favorite factors help – WWW!

Whatever you do or Whenever you start learning new things, then you should make sure that WHEN AND WHY FACTOR are crystal clear in your mind, Because as per Human Psychology, When you know – Why you are doing this, then your mind will find it more easy to understand the factor of WHAT?

We humans are hustlers! Working day and night to fulfil one’s dreams & in case, anything just goes out of the way, We keep our doors open for Anxiety to seek in and let it crown itself to rule our mind to pave the path towards negative direction and letting the courage disappear!

It kind of sucks, when instead of yourself, anxiety takes over your mood & life. Just to come over from this anxiety disorders, positive affirmation works like ‘SANJEEVANI’.

Positive affirmation helps in reprograming our subconscious mind – Resetting it to the factory state helps us to encourage and motivate us to be the better version of our help.

  • The Struggling days, when we tend to engage in self-defeating behavior which may cause us heavy negative outcomes. With the help of positive affirmations, we pour our mind with positive attitude and it helps to run our life smoothly.
  • Positive Affirmations gives us a different view of ourselves as being positive. It increases our Adaptability Quotient (AQ) which helps us to adapt adverse situations in a better way.
  • It helps you in maintaining self-integrity, by acting in ways that authentically merit acknowledgment and praise.

Here self-integrity relates to our global self-efficacy-our perceived ability to control moral outcomes and respond flexibly in times, our self-concept is threatened. So, we humans are motivated to protect ourselves from these threats by maintaining our self-integrity.

Till Now, you have gotten answers to the Why and When factors. So, it would be easy for us to now understand, the What factor!

Positive Affirmations are the training equipment which helps us to challenge negative & unhelpful thoughts. The purpose of using them, may vary from person to person. The goal behind is to be happy and regaining the Crown of King which in general means to retake the control of your moods and of your life!

I know, it may sound funny that how can such affirmations work and impact our minds this much: for this I took some time to research and practice this by my own and I honestly feel the changes in my mindset.

Here for your reference, I am sharing some scientific results regarding usage of positive affirmations.

No, these affirmations have NO Magic, but it has science behind. It requires regular practice – there are no such specific rules regarding the timing or the frequency.

According to psychotherapist Ronald Alexander of the Open Mind Institute, affirmations can be repeated up to three to five times daily to reinforce the positive belief. He suggested, writing your affirmations down in a journal and practicing them in the mirror is a good method for making them more powerful and effective.

  • helps in anxiety and depression
  • boosts one’s self-esteem
  • helps in having soulful sleep
  • helps in decreasing health-deteriorating stress
  •  Improve our overall quality of life
  • optimistic people have healthier hearts, and affirmations help you to stay positive.

  • I am a very happy content person.
  • I believe in myself
  • I will not worry about the things that I can’t control.
  • I am superior to negative thoughts and low actions.
  •  I am courageous and I stand up for myself.
  •  My future is an ideal projection of what I envision now.

Before resting my pen, I would like to say that Hope this helps you to unleash the power within yourself. Please make sure and be kind to yourself by practicing these positive Affirmations. In no time, you will find yourself cultivating this habit and start observing incredible changes in your lifestyle!

Signing off – Loads of wishes coming along! Prosper from within!

ShRuti GilRa | Author | YouerThanYou


Hola My Fellow Readers

2020! This Decade is special & I really wish that all of you there are booming and are following your #NewYearResolutions with as much enthusiasm as you made them on 31st Dec 2019! I hope you achieve them all, touch the skies of your Target along with a lot of sparkling moments in 2020 and adding to it, more of us find the Purpose of living our life.

Yes, you read it right! & a question might be dwelling in your heart, that why this “Purpose of life” is kept over everything? No Worries at all, At the end of this you all will be very aware about this important aspect in our lives!

Let us all accept the fact that, we all are part of a generation, where people like me and you work whole day long, as much as we can to reach our materialistic goals, But a setback happens to our soul when we all are asked about the purpose of our lives

Some of us will say that, the job they are doing is the only purpose of their life and yes they will be right too but still majority of us have engaged ourselves in such activity or work which is not meant for us!!

Your Purpose in life have heavenly feels!

Most of us say that, we are set to go in heaven or hell after our lives! But do you know, that doing the things just because they complete our materialistic goals is like settling for less than we deserve!  Finding a purpose in life is something, for that when you wake up every morning – you are excited to chase something for your soul and it tends to give a more meaningful existence to your lives!

Now ask yourself… How lively would it be to LIVE like this?

What’s next! I know in our generation, finding a career is much easier that finding the purpose of life. In this blog, let us understand this factor not with the help of any words but with the life of a living Inspiration – An Amazing Novelist – Ms. Savi Sharma

EHAS was her first debut novel and let me add one more amazing fact – It was her self-published novel. Adding to her Best-selling list, she has published three more novels namely, This is Not Your Story, Everyone has a Story-2 and recently she launched her another novel Stories We Never Tell.

Before starting her career as an Author, she was a CA student. She took a decision and dropped CA, when she was preparing for her CA finals because at that very moment, she realized that she was not meant to count numbers and tally the balance sheets! Instead of this, she realized that she is someone who can create so many characters and inspire millions of people her writing. The journey of her from being a CA student to the NOVELIST was tough but when you find the purpose of life, then everything seems small in front of that.

Want to know, how to find? Come on let’s go through these questions & be honest to yourself while answering them!

  • What is that which I do at my best?
  • When I am the happiest?
  • How can I be happier?
  • What motivates me to get up in the morning?
  • What makes me feel proud of myself?
  • What are my dreams, and how can they be achieved?
  • What keeps me up at night?

These are some questions which will help you to know about the purpose of your life but not here comes the end of our conversation! We need to discuss something more realistic, because deep in our hearts, many of us know what we are meant to be, but the struggle begins when we start accepting and start following our dreams.

let us prepare our mindset and ourselves to follow the dreams with the most inspiring quotes from her (Savi’s) novels:

Know your Uniqueness

Each of us is born with a unique life purpose, what we all need to do is to dig ourselves within and polish them with our constant efforts and water them with your trust. Trusting your individual uniqueness challenges, you to lay yourself open there, believing that there has been never anyone like you. You are an utterly new thing in creation. Your life goal should realize this uniqueness and work on your story because EVERYONE HAS A STORY THAT MAKES THEM UNIQUE FROM THE REST OF THE WORLD. FIND THE REAL YOU! HAVE FAITH IN YOU.

Re-Write your Life:

When you go on a journey then the thoughts, when you started and ended up achieving it will never be the same, so many up and downs will show their face & the same works in our life. When we start a plan, then in the phase of Planning to Execution, we find our soul enriched with many miracles and the most amazing award you earn is, you get to know the purpose of your life!

Something different and new, nearly always wins out over this risk of taking a tumble. so, he drops what he was already holding in his hand and surrenders himself over to the next.

What I came up with –

Living in PRESENT, knowing your WHY= You will know your PURPOSE

To know the purpose of your life, you must learn to live in the present moment to its fullest. Don’t let your soul rush, it will only add stress to it because finding a purpose in not any exam or any task!!

It’s a journey where you explore and know yourself better each day then the day before and meanwhile, in no time you find yourself closer to your dreams. So, make this smoother and start living in the present, enjoy each moment without thinking about your past. The fruit you get from this is that half of your unanswered questions, get their answers!

Purpose Makes Life Happier!

Every experience, failed or successful, is never wasted. All the time spent does work towards a final goal, some known and some newly-discovered on the journey. You have to have faith in yourself, confidence in who you are and want to be, and be brave enough to take the steps towards achieving your dream.

Ms. Savi Sharma

Why matters the most, behind every work you do there is a WHY, that why is the one thing that motivate yourself to work on that purpose. when you will be able to figure out that why behind that purpose – It will boost you to work harder. Present + Why = Purpose

Ms. Shruti Gilra

I hope this gives you all an inspiration, within to find the purpose of your life! Loads of wishes coming along! Prosper from within!

Shruti Gilra Author | Youer Than You

OUR Mental SOUNDNESS Matters!

Hola My Readers!

let me ask you a question in the very beginning…?

How many of you, Go to Gyms for workouts, or yeah! Ladies going to Beauty Parlors! Coming back with n number of touch-ups!! And in boys focusing all on their muscles! Why do we all these? Yeah! I Know what your answer would be! To Look Good obviously.”

It’s a fact that, we are living in a society where we are focused on our Physical Appearance more than anything!

Let Me Introduce you to a part of our Health, which always takes the backseat! And that is Most Important and a very sensitive part- Mental Health! Whenever we have any health issues, An Injury or Anything, we straight forward go to see a Doctor! But What Happens, when We feel sad, depressed, and have any Mental issues! Why Don’t we, then go to see a Doctor!

Even if we express somewhere, our society starts judging us, and treating us like “Are you a, Pyscho!!Treating Our mind like, It’s not a part of our Body. Now Tell me one thing, when was the last time you sat with yourself and thought about your Mental Health?

Unfortunately, from most of you, I heard silence by your side!!

Wait, Let Me break it up and lay it down for you!

This year World Mental Health Day is focused on the theme, “SUICIDE PREVENTION”. As per recent research, every 40 second, many individuals lose their life to suicide.

Yes, you read it right, according to WHO,More than 800000 people die by suicide a year and majority of people are among 15 to 39 years old.” & that’s not the end, the rate is increasing because people nowadays are not mentally sound, being disturbed from inside and the fear of being judged kills them silently.

Mental Unsoundness is at peak. Everyone around is facing this, Be its celebs like singers, actors and athletes. Every Next day we get to know about different challenges these people face on social handles. But Before we get into finding the solution, we should first be aware, what is in Actual “Mental Soundness”?

Mental Health in general, involves emotional and physiological well-being of your behavior. It affects your physical health as well. Your mind is everything to your body, so make sure you are keeping it stress-free. In our tenure of life, we deal with thousand of Ups and Downs. These small factors if not taken care of, can lead us to a path of Mental Illness.

Mental health in general, doesn’t mean Mental illness Mental Health is just a state of mind, which we all have & Mental illness on the other side is an illness which can be seen in the way people think, feel, behave or interact with others. Don’t make the mistake to mix the two terms with each other.

When Do You Know, you are Mentally Unsound?

Mental illness is something, which starts to change us from inside and affect our life in complete manner. But What many of us do is, we ignore the lil things unknowingly making the symptoms breed to mere complexities like depression, anxiety and eating disorders etc.

Here I am sharing with you some highly found symptoms of mental illness:

  • feeling sad and down
  • confused feeling, excessive fear of worries or extreme feelings of guilt
  • significant tiredness, low energy
  • social withdrawal
  • strong feeling of anger
  • growing inability to cope with daily problems and activities etc.

These were some of the very common symptoms, which are found in majority of us. If anyone of us is facing them,

I want you to make it clear in your mind that, “It’s not an abnormal Thing”. We are not any odd-one-out or what people call “Psycho”. Its 100% fine to have such problem, But What Matters is “The Way you Deal and face this.”

So, Now the question is, How to Deal with Mental Unsoundness?

Let me again, remind you of the fact that, only Hiding and denying, accepting these problems will make it breed to its complex versions! So here I am, with 5 tips to help you bore out of the well of Mental Unsoundness:


“A Positive Start will definitely end you up with Positive Learning”

Traditional Ways always saves us! Start your day with positivist, wake up early, go for a Morning Walk, listen to the chirping of birds! Appreciate the beauty of Sunrise. These small steps will make you believe that Nature is the Best Teacher and will make you close to it!  There is so much beauty in the world, if we would just take a moment to appreciate and learn from it.

Step 2 : Being Productive is Better than Over BUSY

There is huge difference between having a busy schedule or a productive one. Productive schedule will always uplift you and help you to the best version of yourself while busy schedule involves those activities which you are doing just to ignore the reality. So, start doing productive things instead of involving yourself in unnecessary stuff.

Step 3 : Mindfulness, Acceptance & Commitment

“Mental illness is just a disorder not a decision for lifetime. You can heal yourself. ”

When we talk about mental illness, acceptance of reality plays an important role. Mental illness accrues when we start denying the reality. We need to observe our thoughts without judging them and look at the pain of this illness in a different perspective and start accepting this the way it is. Because only you are the one who can solve this from the root or can give water to this pain by ignoring this.

Step 4 : Being Honest is the KEY

Be Honest To Yourself

Every disease needs transparency to solve this from root. You need to be honest to yourself. If you are feeling bad without any specific reason, then it’s okay to feel this but be honest. Don’t try to run from your problem. If you are not comfortable to share your problem with other people, then it’s up to you but at least try to fix this on your own ground and try to be your support.

Step 5 : Giving Up Is Not Going to take you Anywhere

“If it’s not working today, No worries! It will rock tomorrow.”

Yes, we know this since very long, but still we choose to give up. If things are not going in your favor and you are struggling with yourself, you need to be patient. Everything takes time to heal. Trust yourself, be positive and take steps towards your happiness, your happiness will find your way.

Adding on to my Thoughts…

Mental illness is temporary, if your determination is high for being a better person.

Yes, we are mentally ill, but we need to take responsibilities for our actions, regardless of any reason. They are a product of your mental illness. Be honest and heal yourself with positivity. You can completely recreate yourself. You are not stuck; you can learn something new and improve yourself.


Wishing you all a Sound Mental Health!

Seventh Heaven

Your Inner Happiness Takes the Back Seat between Hurries and Hustles!

Hola My Readers!
This is My first blog and as I am writing this gives me Seventh Heaven of Happiness, so I decided why not let’s start with the most Amazing-Blissful! still most Questioned-Googled. Important still the Most Ignored Aspect!
Your, Mine and Our Real Happiness!

Unfortunately, We are a part of generation, Where we desire everything, Immature Success! We start our day in hurry & end with anxiety in our heads & what the Saddest part is We Become a Part of this switching our self to
temporary Methods of Pleasure like social media and Netflix.
I have A question for you all!?
Its working hopefully Well but till when? You need to know your own real happiness, you should keep yourself updated to another version of you, I know it sounds a lil filmy but mark my words, It Works! Here I am with some realistic tips & I really hope that it will help you find yourself & happiness in your daily routine.



We people are Night Owls, Yea! Some of us have our genuine reasons to be such, but rest of them are just indulged in some mere unproductive stuffs.
Being a Morning Person is absolutely your first step towards a Happy day. When You Wake up fresh! It not only gives you an edge for the day but also enough time for daily routines. You can divide your work as per your
requirement and it will help you in balancing the day. Its just a simple utility of Time Management.

“A happy & productive morning is sign of calm mind and relaxing heart.”


If we make a true list of our tasks, then you will notice that Checking Mobile phones tops the list, making it a mere addiction. It’s a fact that Majority of us starts their day checking Mails and all other social plugins. This is the point where Struggle and Fight with your oneself begins!
Reason Why? Checking all your social Plugins firstly in the morning, watching your friend’s victory, abroad trip etc give some negative vibes to you.
THINK! You are putting to shake your most peaceful time to activities which don’t makes any sense in your life and Hola! You lost your 30 minutes in your 10 minutes of scrolling!!

“Don’t let yourself Grab in the cage of Social Plugins”



Respect Yourself! Yes, that’s the Trick. There’s no one like you & that’s your strength. Comparing spreads negativity into your nerves. We humans are not equal, having our own talents, Potential, & definition of success. After knowing this much, still we choose to compare ourselves and choose to underestimate ourselves!
I request you for Yourself! Stop this Maths of Comparison! It will always end up in creating a Big Mess for you. Look in the Mirror, and that is your true competition! Fight with yourself to update yourself to the best Version. Only you are the painter of your Canvas! Don’t let anyone take the seat for you!



We are grown up in an environment where we often hear “Be the reason of someone else’s smile, spread happiness everywhere” But No-one told us “not at cost of your own happiness”. We usually give people all care, concern, love and most important of them, our time, forgetting to do the same thing for oneself. It’s a bitter truth about making someone else your priority, it’s like making him the driver of your life. They will never value, notice this, even the more you give, they will expect from you more at the cost of your inner peace. So, start making yourself your priority and understand the true meaning of priority. By Doing this , you will meet with
another version of yourself. A Contented soul!



Saying no sometimes is healthy for your soul! You are not here just to please everyone around! Do not confuse it with EGO! Instead it’s your first step towards self-love and self-worth!



Yea! You read it right!! We often spend time with our family, friends, colleagues but we forget to enjoy a healthy conversation with oneself.
When we start spending time with oneself. We don’t need to be the perfect one! See how fascinating it is. Enjoying me time reading your fav. Book, listening to your playlists, watching sunset or dancing like a crazy person in your “pyjamas”.
Spending time with yourself is just a synonym of exploring yourself! Start your Me Time today! Its more lovely than it seems!



As per psychology, positive surrounding of people and collection of good books and positive taste will end up improving your mindset and bringing in positivism to you. Hangout with those people who help you smile and improve yourself to be a better person.

After giving you some steps in above seven points, I just want to tell you there is No Specific definition of Happiness. You can find this in 5 minutes of break during a long study session, in the voice of rain, getting a window seat while you travel, eating a dessert after long hectic day, in the smile of a lil child and your parents ,talking with your loved ones etc.

Never let the failure pressure you, Acceptance-Rejection, all up’s and down of your life define your happiness. Your happiness is in you, the way you see the world.

You already are universe of happiness, don’t let any temporary situation take it away from you.

Hola! My Readers!

Smile a little more, Care a Little More! Cherish a Little More!This little more makes a significant change in your life and others! Find your Seventh Heaven in You!

Will be back soon with my Another Post Soon. Till then, try to follow these steps and do write to me about how you felt!