I wish I could Keep You!

I wish I could keep you,Just likeThe sun has light, moon shines BrightSea holds wave, darkness in cavea child in mother’s lapA coin’s sides without a gapI wish I could keep you by my sideTill the end of my lifeWithout any fear, happiness in tearPerfume’s fragrance, your love’s warmnessThe way you care, I found itContinue reading “I wish I could Keep You!”

Seventh Heaven

Hola My Readers!This is My first blog and as I am writing this gives me Seventh Heaven of Happiness, so I decided why not let’s start with the most Amazing-Blissful! still most Questioned-Googled. Important still the Most Ignored Aspect!Your, Mine and Our Real Happiness! Unfortunately, We are a part of generation, Where we desire everything,Continue reading “Seventh Heaven”